Our Most Popular Services

Meeting Facilitation

Have a meeting but need outside facilitators to step in and facilitate? We’re happy to provide agenda planning and meeting facilitation for groups working through processes!

Workshops & Trainings

We offer a host of workshops and trainings for staff and leadership on topics like anti-racism, community organizing and anti-racist community engagement.

Strategic Planning

Whether it’s figuring out how to better incorporate anti-racism into your organization’s work, re-imagining your organization’s strategic direction or building an organizational strategy from scratch, we can help build and facilitate something for you.


Coaching is not just for C-Suite folks! Two Brown Girls specializes in coaching for managers and supervisors at all levels. Whether it's managing across race and gender, creating generative supervisory relationships or helping rediscover what committed you to change work in the first place, our coaching focuses on our professional growth and development.

Public Speaking

We talk—a lot. Want us to come talk about race, building anti-racist organizations, affordable housing, education or some combination of the three? Let us know!

Conflict Transformation

Sometimes organizational conflicts can be a major impediment to organizations taking their work to the next level. We can help organizations transform conflict from frustrating hindrances to generative learning opportunities

Our Approach

Our work is grounded in the ideas of experimentation, emergence and evolution. We cultivate agendas that mix modalities of learning and create space for movement, conversation and co-creation. Our job is to hold space and create a container of mutual respect, humor and learning. We believe that conflict is generative, that groups have the inherent tools to move through it gracefully, and see our roles as doulas who help facilitate that process.

We commit to:

  1. showing up fully present and ready for what will unfold
  2. holding space with grace and humility
  3. being an invitation for folks to show up as
much as they are able and feel compelled
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